Image Focus on a digital entrepreneur that inspire you !

Focus on a digital entrepreneur that inspire you !

Focus on a digital entrepreneur that inspire you !

From an early age, he stood out from others and his surroundings. If most children played a game just for fun, he saw something unique in it. This different view developed in him the ability to build his career in the digital world.

For him, the click was made with the game Pong of 1972. Pong was more than just a game for him. In fact, Pong allowed him to discover his passion and ambition. The game raised his creative thinking skills.

His story is so awe-inspiring because his addiction to video games led to succeed and made his dreams come true. He discovered that everything can be done through determination and hard work.

A unique person

He is so unique in such a way that he brings his personal touch to everything. What is more, he is in a continual search for innovation and improvement in his work. To reach his goal, he has always stayed focused on his passions. Among his unique features we can list: 

  • His know-how from an early age, 
  • His creativity and incredible curiosity, which allowed him to create his own game: Tank, 
  • His work on his passions: video games and the internet 
  • His unique entrepreneurial spirit that brings about his fame in the world of video games 
  • His creative mind and great vision, which led him to start his own business 
  • He is also the creator of the famous versions of the game GraalOnline 
  • His previous experiences with renowned companies and endeavor to excel in the world of mobile games

GraalOnline has boosted his career

When Stephane Portha launched Eurocenter, his ambition was to boost the world of video games. The creation of GraalOnline has largely contributed to his success.

It was the first video game that his company created; and it immediately made success. GraalOnline is an outstanding game in many ways. First, it was the first mobile MMO game created at that time.

Moreover, this cult game served as the foundation of many other series of mobile games. Indeed, its games are downloadable on Android and Ios platforms, and have attracted more than 8 million players worldwide.

A proven talent from childhood, and then a successful career

After the creation of Tank, the first video game he created alone his first masterpiece at the age of 14, St├ęphane Portha creative skills enabled him to create new series of the game. Soon, he could make a living from his passion.

Initially, Tank was designed with a simple platform; but soon after its creation, the game has become so enjoyable to play. With such a great success, he could open doors to the digital world.

His first collaboration was with Minitel through which he discovered a passion for information networks. Despite the work he did for this company, his dream did not come true.

As a result, he decided to create his own company. He has such an entrepreneurial vision that has propelled his career. Therefore, in 1989, he founded Eurocenter, which is a multinational company operating all over Europe. And later, the same company became Eurocenter Games.