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Jean Claude Chalhoub ( had a wide diversity of cultural experiences during his formative years. Jean Claude's mother and father were from two very different countries, namely Lebanon and Italy. His country of birth has seen a tremendous influx of tourists from all over the world, and this has helped him in learning many languages, such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and English. He was born into an Egyptian business family in the latter half of the 50's. The father of Jean Claude Chalhoub is the owner of a multinational insurance and reinsurance firm.

Joining the Family Business

Jean Claude Chalhoub became an employee of his family’s organisation after completing his studies in France. With the chance to observe the techniques of his father on a daily basis as a member of staff, he gained an invaluable practical knowledge of business management from the get-go. His position as an everyday employee thoroughly equipped him as a leader to manage the business in a manner that no one else was able to. Being a long-time member of staff and now a director, Jean Claude Chalhoub possesses an extensive understanding of the industry, and is aware of precisely what it requires for his business to be successful.

Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with remarkable communications skills; these allow him to engender a great amount of trust amongst the people that he interacts with. Jean Claude Chalhoub has the capacity to quickly grasp complex issues. This attribute, coupled with being an excellent communicator, makes it possible for him to establish superb amounts of co-operation with his family, business partners and customers. His ability to speak and understand many different languages has helped him to comprehend the dynamics of different markets in which the company operates.

From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub began his education in his hometown, being taught by his parents and influenced by the country in which he lived. Variety of culture and background was one of the great things that his parents gave him. This equipped him for learning about different languages and walks of life. Jean Claude Chalhoub's schooling assisted him considerably to adapt and learn as a business entrepreneur and leader.

His Hobbies

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s interests include horse racing, ocean sailing and travelling the globe. Owning a few boats, he attempts to sail them when the opportunity presents itself. He is a man with many diverse hobbies outside of his working life. Horse racing is one more of Jean Claude Chalhoub's pastimes. To such an extent that, in order to better enjoy his passion, he decided to buy a horse, which contends in races worldwide.

He furthermore established a number of other branches within the organisation. With his exemplary performance history of furthering the expansion of the company, its success in the long run is assured. Jean Claude Chalhoub was specially selected by his father to be of assistance with directing the organisation after he shown his value as a member of staff.

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